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Pushing Vancouver (BC)

Some great lines in this one.

Fred Perry Japan: “Born to Be Wild”

“In conjunction with Subculture films, Fred Perry Japan has launched a new series of documentaries entitled “Born To Be Wild.” Directed by Don Letts, the series is an intensive examination of the various influences in English subculture, how they came to develop, and further, their implications in current English trend. Altogether, the six pieces make a very stimulating documentary, and a necessary reminder for fashion enthusiasts that no trend is completely organic or original — all ideas come from somewhere. The film follows fashion history of subcultures from the ‘Teddy Boys’ to the ‘Punks,’ leaving no trend neglected.”

…via Hypebeast 

Madron FC: The Worst Football Team in Britain

The worst team with the best attitude.

Snow Porn Whistler Deep Days pt. 1