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burn PRESENTS: We Ride – The Story of Snowboarding (Full Movie)

“A compelling, dramatic and stylish cinematic journey into snowboarding’s unique history and the wider cultural forces that shaped it.
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Mike Friton: Sneaker Innovator and Creator of the Nike Innovation Kitchen

‘“The Innovator” is a creative portrayal of Mike Friton, an innovator, shoemaker, paper sculptor, weaver and more who cemented his name within the footwear industry from his 30+ years as a shoe builder for Nike. Aptly titled, the video, narrated by Friton, tells of his athletic involvements, his thirst for exploring the subject he’s devoted himself to and the establishment him and his team created for Nike called theInnovation Kitchen. Hailing as Senior Innovator — a term much preferred by the team over ‘designer’ or ‘engineer’ — Friton represents exactly the type of person you would want to create innovative performance footwear, and the above video helps show you why.’