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Creepy & Beautiful

Rino Stefano Tagliafierro brought back the expressive force of gestures of beauty that he springs from the immobility of canvas, animating a sentiment lost to the fixedness masterpieces. It almost seems as if we could walk through the untouched nature and watch the angels sing their chorus. A series of well selected images from the tradition of pictorial beauty are appropriated with the intention of retracing the sentiment beneath the veil of appearance. Beauty in this interpretation is the silent companion of life, inexorably leading from the smile of the baby, through erotic ecstasies to the grimaces of pain that close a cycle destined to repeat as infinitum. Indeed a beautiful work of fleeting time.”


Something Nice for Friday


Jungle – Platoon feat. B-Girl Terra



Directed: JLW & Oliver Hadlee Pearch
Produced by: Charlie Di Placido


Be Nice.