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The Future of Footwear…possibly.

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: scientists are combining non-living chemicals to create materials with the properties of living organisms, says the creator of a self-repairing shoe made from protocols.”


Check Out Tate Roskelley’s Creative BMX Stunts

“Over the past few years we’ve covered the cycling scene with some regard, showcasing the nifty balancing acts of Martyn Ashton, Tyrone Williams and others. Adding his own two-wheeled feats to the canon is Tate Roskelley, a talented pro BMX rider based out of Salt Lake City. Wheelies and stalls aren’t necessarily Roskelley’s forte, as the Volume Bikes pro prefers to grind on flimsy link chains and jump off of roofs. Enjoy the fun edit above, and be sure to check out more from Roskelley on Volume Bikes’ website.”