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How to Pay Your Talent

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“I’d like to talk today about compensation for creatives.

Yes, this is a hot button issue, but we can agree this sort of conversation is overdue, and I have myself benefitted greatly from reading others’ thoughts on the subject. Read more…

Undulatus Asperatus

““Undulatus asperatus” is a cloud formation proposed in 2009 that roughly translates to “roughened or agitated waves.” These dark and stormy clouds travel across the sky in ominous waves, but generally dissipate without an a storm forming.

Storm chaser Alex Schueth was recently in the right place at the right time with his DSLR, and managed to capture one of these formations in the mesmerizing time-lapse video seen above.”


How is this not picking up in the states!?

“When one thinks of the city of Florence, Italy, what normally comes to mind are the rarefied works of Michelangelo and Titian in the Uffizi Gallery, or the architectural grandeur of Il Duomo. However, a commercial shot for Canon by acclaimed director Jonathan Glazer sheds light on another stunningly dynamic, albeit brutal, side of Florentine culture. The event depicted is the ‘Calcico Storico,’ a football game with deep historical roots taking place every June, and entails two teams of 27 men, each fighting to get a ball over a 4-foot high fence at either end of the pitch. The matches, or should we say battles, are fought in front of the Santa Croce church between four teams representing the four districts of the city, and the winners take home a cow. Watch the belief-defying commercial above and leave a comment below.”