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Sneakeasy NYC: Vapor Room

In the wise words of Juvenile, “Booted up, Diamond up. Golds be shinnin’ up. Mutherf***as be blindin’ up.” …Indeed, “Bling, Bling.” We ran with it. Fitting, as the space was to showcase Nike’s new running shoe, Vapormax. Though the room was an infinity, it only stood for a week.

Sneakeasy NYC: Entry / Mezzanine

Those that know, know. Those that don’t, merely get to look at it over the internet (thanks to a stomach-bug, I was one too! *fives*). But for the doers, they were hooked up with a secret hangout…or should I say, sneak-cret hang out for the week leading to Air Max Day. It had everything an neo-bohemian-urbanite wanted; cross-cultural tuna-skewers, Laotian beer, people from Brooklyn, sterility, and crazy-kicks to gram…yeah, that’s Insta-GRAM. Heard of it? #sneakeasynyc

Air Bus: Toronto

This bus runs on Air…as do the beautiful people who chase it. They love it. They can’t get enough of it. So much so they’re willing to wait in line for 2 hours+ in -4C (<- Canada, Yo), in hopes their capsuled-surprise would yield a little slice of sneaker head joy. #airmaxday2017

Free Run Revolution

Say you need a revolution? Well, you know… Nike’s already on it! With Felix and Farah leading the charge, there’s no stopping the amount of free-flyknit-ness that will hit the streets w/ fury! …or is it furry? Oh well.

Viva la revolución gratuita!

Zoom All Out

With Nike, Air is usually a window to the sole. The days of Air-shame are over! Take heed my brethren, the time is now! The time is ZAO! Cut loose and let it All Out.

Jordan Brand: 32 S. State St.

So lofty, it’s fit for a king. Which makes it fitting for His Airness’ flagship shop in down CHI-town. Its styling is classic, yet tastefully chosen for a new generation who doesn’t know a G.O.A.T from da Bears. Just to put it in perspective, he’s basically the Michael Jordan of basketball. He’s a pret-ty big deal, you guys.

40 Years of Nike Basketball

For the launch of the Madison Square Garden House of Hoops pop-up, we concocted a virtual Sneakersonian geared towards ballers, shot-callers, and Swooshkateers alike. This ol’ gal only lived for a week, yet this install acted as a tasty-reminder of the accomplishments & influence of Nike Basketball in years past, while letting the imagination go bananas on what’s to come. …can you even imagine?

HOH Madison Square Garden BHM

Black is beautiful! As is Nike’s Black History Month collection. For a week, this proud-beauty was on display at MSG House of Hoops during All Star week to do nothing more than inspire future ballers and drop a few jaws. Mission accomplished!

Hopeless Ink Tee Pack

It’s nice to invest in your own community…mine just happens to be full of tattoo shops and dive-bars. Home is where the heart is I suppose! My friends may be the salty-of-the-earth, but they’re good people. Advice: work with your friends, it’s awesome.

Hypershield: LA Showroom

It’s not always ideal to think outside the box. In fact, sometimes you need to think inside several boxes before you can even begin to understand the box you want to think outside of. This was the precise thinking as we dove deeper down the rabbit-hole to create an interesting lobby-space for Nike’s Culver City Merchandising showroom-space. What followed was a flashy monolith that begged to #BESEEN.