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Hello, I’m Caleb…

I am a life-enthusiast and an innovator. I am one who sees the broad-perspective and helps build brand-experiences for success.


I’ve been fortunate to work on a plethora of projects for some of the most culturally-impactful companies in the world. My years in industry have taught me the beauty of collaborative design, while exposing me to a vast-array of disciplines within the creative-community. From branding/marketing strategies, copy-writing, product-design, graphic-design, environmental/retail-design, and video/animation. Overall I enjoy problem solving. You got a problem? Yo, I’ll solve it…

Steps for success:

  • Clear communication.
  • Understanding culture better than the culture itself.
  • Brainstorming without fear of failure.
  • Persuasive story-telling through engagement & excitement.
  • Trimming the fat.
  • Confidently implementing vision by appropriately beautiful means.

    How may I help you? – Caleb Highley