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Iranian Woman Transforms War Machines Into Positive Art Pieces

“It’s a rare occasion when you see a tank and want to inch closer to it. This time around Iranian artist Neda Tayeibi has generated curiosity to what many people associate with violence and death. Taking place in Afghanistan, she paints abandoned tanks with designs such as Persian patterns, fruits and flowers. Once given permission by the Afghan Army to paint the tanks, Neda has made sure to bring life and color to Afghanistan.”


Megavalanche: Brakes? Who needs em!?

“Amongst cyclists, Megavalanche is regarded as one of the most intense races on Earth. Billed as “a mountainbike downhill marathon-style event that mixes gravity-assisted excitement with enduro levels of fitness, guaranteed to test both nerve and physique,” the annual event takes place in the town of Alpe D’Huez in the French Alps with riders starting at the glaciated summit of the Pic Blanc before descending some 2,000 meters over the course of 30 km to the lush meadows of the valley bottom at Allemont — all in less than an hour’s time. This year, rider Jamie Nicoll — who ultimately finished in seventh place — captured some incredible footage thanks to an on-board, helmet-mounted cam. You can check out the first two minutes of the hectic race above as riders plow into one another right out of the gate.”


360 Degree Video: Swiss Fighter Jet

“The Patrouille Suisse aerial acrobatics team has wowed landlubbers from afar with its death-defying feats since its formation in 1964, but this video may allow us the closest glimpse we’ll ever get of flying one of those red-and-white planes ourselves. Shot in immersive 360-degree video and hosted on YouTube’s new video player, the four-and-a-half-minute sequence shows the breathtaking view from inside a jet fighter cockpit as the team practices formation maneuvers while winding with precision in between the mighty Swiss Alps. Also visible are the cockpit controls, with the stick and throttle movements controlled by the pilot in front. Make sure to enjoy this strangely calming video in all of its 4K high-def glory using a capable browser such as Google Chrome.”


Check Out Tate Roskelley’s Creative BMX Stunts

“Over the past few years we’ve covered the cycling scene with some regard, showcasing the nifty balancing acts of Martyn Ashton, Tyrone Williams and others. Adding his own two-wheeled feats to the canon is Tate Roskelley, a talented pro BMX rider based out of Salt Lake City. Wheelies and stalls aren’t necessarily Roskelley’s forte, as the Volume Bikes pro prefers to grind on flimsy link chains and jump off of roofs. Enjoy the fun edit above, and be sure to check out more from Roskelley on Volume Bikes’ website.”


In Conversation with Tom Dixon

“The man behind the renowned S Chair of the 1980s, Tunisia-born industrial designer Tom Dixon is the latest subject to sit down with PORT for its “In Conversation” segment. Here, Dixon touches on being unorthodox, his experimental approach to design and the ways in which an “untutored” non-expert can “bring something new to the party.” For Dixon, sometimes the best work comes when there’s very little knowledge of the field, which allows for a fresh perspective and new approach – a theme that figures prominently in his latest forays into the world of architecture.”


GLOBE “Electric Blue Heaven” Short Film

“While a stark deserted landscape may seem like an odd surf spot, such is the setting for the latest conceptual short film from Globe. Dubbed “Electric Blue Heaven”, the seven-minute video was directed by Joe G. with additional film and photo credits from DJ Struntz, Beren Hall and Grady Archbold. Shot in Abu Dhabi’s Al Ain and set to “Winter Beats” by I Break Horses, the video spotlights surfer Dion Agius carving up the “world’s best wave pool”. Complete with ten Russian models and even a yellow Lamborghini, the entire “Electric Blue Heaven” story can be found in the latest issues of the world’s most popular surfing magazines.” – via Hypebeast